Published: July 12, 2017

pcdp studentsEach summer, CU Boulder's Precollege Development Program (PCDP) hosts students from mountain communities to help prepare them for college life, provide college and career exploration opportunities, and expose them to the University. PCDP is an enhancement program for middle and high school students that is designed to motivate and prepare first generation students to pursue their higher education goals. BSI has partnered with PCDP for many years, as both organizations' missions align well: both seek to serve students with limited opportunities and/or groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences. 

For the last three weeks, this particular group of PCDP students participated in a forensic science course originally developed and taught by a BSI Science Squad member. Students analyzed fingerprints, performed gel electrophoresis of “DNA” samples, and typed blood all in an effort to discover the culprit in a murder mystery. BSI has provided continued support over the years for this course by offering our classroom space and prepping lab activity materials. We are excited to have these students on campus and to engage them in science.