Brazil - U.S. Network

Governance Processes in Brazil: Cross-sector Interaction, New Identities, and Institutional Capacity

A Panel Presentation and Discussion ~ April 17th 2014

Participating Presenters:
Nelson Montenegro, "Political Insulation in Brazil" - Federal University of
Recôncavo da Bahia
Alexandre do Nascimento Souza, "Water Governance in Metropolitan Areas" -
São Paulo University
Vivian Paes Barretto Smith, "Communication and Governance: Stakeholder
Engagement's Design Matters to Achieve Sustainability" - São Paulo University, Visiting
Fulbright Scholar
Camila Camargo Vieira, "Brazilian Quilombo – Arturos New Identities under
Construction" - Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo

Sponsored by:
The Latin American Studies Center, The Brazil-US Network for Environment, Society and Governance, The Environment and Society Program at IBS (Institute for Behavioral Science)