The flexibility of Be Boulder is apparent with Treatment 2, also known as the modifier line, as it allows each academic department to customize its material while being obvious where it is coming from. The modifier line does not have to be the department’s name, but should relate in some way to the message being conveyed. The modifier line should always have the preposition (“In,” “With,” etc.) in upper- and lowercase, and the department or subject set in all caps. The modifier line may be used as a headline or a signoff, and should reinforce what can be achieved at CU Boulder. The tagline and modifier line are set in Helvetica Neue Extra Black Condensed. Template files are available to create custom modifier line lockups.

Be Boulder. In Chemical Engineering logo

Wordmark and modifier line lockup

Be Boulder. In Chemical Engineering logo horizontal spacing

Minimum width is 2.5 inches

Be Boulder. In Chemical Engineering logo spacing around

The minimum required space around the lockup should be one-quarter its height on all sides as shown above.

Be Boulder. In Chemical Engineering logo alignment

The modifier line should be aligned to the far right side of the stem of the “r,” and the space between the sub-line and “Be Boulder.” should be half the height of the period in “Be Boulder.” If the modifier line extends past “Be Boulder,” adjust the type size so that it is to the right of the stem in the first “B.


Be Boulder. brochure example