The first Be Boulder treatment, (often referred to as Treatment 1 or Be Boulder with "Be" statements) should be used most often as a headline, with the sub-line reflecting the message of what you can achieve and become at CU Boulder. There should always be three “Be” statements used with this version; however, “Be" statements may also be used on their own (see other uses of "Be" statements). “Be" statements should always be set in sentence case. The statements as shown here should be in Helvetica Neue Extra Black Condensed (107). Template files are available to create custom “Be" statement lockups.

We strongly prefer that each "Be" statement be two words. However, in some cases, such as "Be a leader," this is not possible. The font size of the "Be" statements will increase or decrease based on the length of the words used. The "Be" statements should align with the Be Boulder wordmark precisely as indicated below.

Be Boulder. branding example

Wordmark and "Be" statements lock up

Be Boulder. branding minimum width

Minimum width is 2.5 inches

Be Boulder. branding spacing around

The minimum required space around the lockup should be one-quarter its height on all sides as shown above.


Be Boulder. branding alignment

The "Be" statements should span from the edge of the first “B” to the end of the “r,” and the space between the sub-line and “Be Boulder.” should be half the height of the period in “Be Boulder.


Be Boulder. branding example