Tanya Ennis
Director, GoldShirt Program
(303) 492-6473

Ms. Ennis is the Director of the GoldShirt Program, which provides underrepresented students access to engineering. Ms. Ennis believes that all students, regardless of their circumstance, are learners and have the creative capacity to achieve and exceed their goals, especially to become and thrive as engineers. She also serves as an Instructor for Preparatory Physics (PHYS 1000) and Introduction to Engineering Design (GEEN 1400).

As the mathematics department chair at the Denver School of Science and Technology, Ms. Ennis’ passion for teaching helped high school students of all backgrounds exceed math performance expectations. She received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Ms. Ennis brings a wealth of knowledge from both her professional and educational experience when she teaches and advises CU engineering students.

She has extensive corporate experience in the telecommunications industry where she developed and implemented large-scale systems for AT&T, Bell Laboratories, U S WEST and Covad Communications.