power hour

Power Hour is a weekly study break, held in The BOLD Center, from 4-5 pm every Wednesday. Themes can vary from professional development opportunities to cultural awareness exercises and celebrations. Power Hour is also a great opportunity for current students to mingle with student groups and network with industry partners.

Power Hour also counts towards the BOLD community hours every scholar is required to complete!

Please email us if you are interested in hosting a Power Hour.


Here is a list of upcoming Power Hours (SUBJECT TO CHANGE):


9/27:  Study Break: Study snacks! Bring a buddy.

9/29: Student Society Meet & Greet: Come learn about the BOLD student societies and connect with other students.  

10/4: TBD

10/11: TBD

10/18: Ball Aerospace Resume Review

10/25: Study Break

10/31: Halloween! BOLD Halloween themed community night.