Who should apply: Incoming first-year engineering students for Academic Year 2019–2020 who want to get connected with an inclusive and supportive community

*You do not need to wait for your admission decision to apply. If you are applying to the College of Engineering and Applied Science then please apply early for a BOLD Scholarship!

Current CU Engineering students, Pre-Engineering students,Transfer students (from outside or within the University) are not eligible for this scholarship. Instead, these students should apply for the BOLD One-Year Scholarship.

Is a BOLD Scholarship right for you?

Any incoming CU Engineering student who wants to be an active member of the BOLD community and cares about the BOLD mission to support diversity and inclusion is encouraged to apply. There is only one BOLD Scholarship application but there are two types of participation award levels:

  • The BOLD Engagement Scholarship is $1000 per year (renewable for up to 4 years). Students receiving a BOLD Engagement Scholarship are required to be active in a BOLD Student Society but do not have additional requirements. These students are part of the BOLD community and welcome to participate in other BOLD programs and volunteer opportunities even though it is not a requirement.
  • Some students may qualify for a $3000 award (renewable for up to 4 years) if they meet additional criteria (first-generation students, students with high financial need, and/or students who have been involved in a BOLD partnership program). This is the BOLD Leadership award. Students receiving this larger award are required to be active in a BOLD Student Society and to participate in additional BOLD Community programs or volunteer events (10 hours per academic year). These events and programs are opportunities for professional development, networking, and building connections within the BOLD community. 

If offered an award you will be sent an award letter outlining the requirements and you will have the opportunity to accept or turn down the award.

Note: Current BOLD Participation scholarship recipients need not reapply; however, you must meet your BOLD participation requirements (tracked in Canvas) in order to renew. 

Application Preview

BOLD Scholarship Application 2019

Apply Early! Scholarship offers are rolling and will begin in February. Priority Deadline April 15, 2019!