The Engineering GoldShirt Program supports motivated and talented students who need additional math, science, or humanities preparation before diving into the full undergraduate engineering curriculum. If accepted, students are directly admitted into the College of Engineering and Applied Science. First-year coursework focuses on enhancing student preparation for success in their chosen engineering major. The Engineering GoldShirt Program, hosted through CU Boulder’s BOLD (Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity) Center, was created to address the college’s inclusive excellence goals. The BOLD team provides mentoring, academic, and social support for all Engineering GoldShirt students. Leadership and personal development training are part of the unique Engineering GoldShirt curriculum.

Is GoldShirt Right for Me?

"Engineering GoldShirt students represent the rich diversity of Colorado"

The Engineering GoldShirt Program provides support for attaining excellence in engineering for those students whose high school records do not yet represent their potential. For example, Engineering GoldShirt students may have high GPAs but lower ACT scores, or did not take Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The program addresses the needs of students looking for a small community within the larger college. Enrollment in the program is competitive and determined by an on-site interview with the GoldShirt team. Engineering GoldShirt students represent the rich diversity of Colorado. Previous cohorts have included students who are first in their families to attend college, minority students who are underrepresented in engineering, and English-language learners.

Benefits of the Engineering GoldShirt Program

Gold Shirt Mountain RanchEngineering GoldShirt students begin their CU-Engineering career with a two-week residential Summer Bridge Program to prepare for fall classes and begin the crucial community-building process. Students live and dine in a residence hall, participate in team-building activities, complete a service project, and attend math, humanities, and engineering projects courses. Students also become familiar with key offices and locations on the CU Boulder campus. Engineering GoldShirt upperclassmen and women help as teaching assistants and advisors during the Summer Bridge Program.

GoldShirt students have a custom first-year curriculum that provides approximately 15 credit hours toward an engineering degree and all of the necessary skills to begin their engineering, major-specific curriculum.

Academic Program Requirements

  • Successful completion of the specialized first-year curriculum is required.
  • Living in Aden Hall. GoldShirt students live together in Aden Hall, a residential hall located in the Engineering Quad. This residential experience is designed to be a vibrant and cohesive academic excellence community for engineering students. 
  • Supportive & Inclusive Community. Engineering GoldShirt students live and learn together, enjoying the culture of a small community within the larger engineering college. The Engineering GoldShirt Program is great for students who are looking for a supportive community of like-minded students with whom they can study and socialize.
  • Internships & Research Assignments. Many of the Engineering GoldShirt students work in industry and as researchers in various on-campus engineering labs during the summer and academic year.