Integrative Physiology Club

The IPHY Student Board aims to close the gap between student and faculty within the Integrative Physiology department at the University of Colorado, Boulder. It provides resources such as tutoring, guest speakers and leadership opportunities in order to help guide IPHY students through the curriculum and with the selection of their future careers. 

Contact Heidi Bustamante, Faculty Advisor, for more information!

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology - MCDB Mentors

The MCDB Mentors are a group of undergraduate students who have been through several MCDB courses and can offer advice to underclassmen. Their primary goal is to encourage and facilitate communication and interaction between students and faculty. They sponsor a number of useful events throughout the year, including study sessions before tests (pizza and soda provided!) and information panels. The Mentors purchased one of the picnic tables that is now in the Muenzinger/Porter courtyard. They also refurbished the Learning Lounge in the basement; it's now equipped with computers, wireless connections, a printer, couches, a microwave and a fridge.

Evolutionary Ecology Biology

Our organization connects students and faculty who share a passion for the study of biology.

Wildlife Club 

The CU Wildlife Club fosters a respectful relationship with wildlife found right here in Boulder and beyond through a variety of stewardship, education and outreach efforts.  

We are looking for students to join this new initiative to help with volunteer projects, outreach & education efforts, graphic design, giving presentations, creating multimedica projects and much more.  

Join our email list:

Get involved by emailing 

CU Birding Club 

The purpose of this club is to create a community for birders who attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. We will go on field trips, chase rare birds, and have a good time! Send us an Email at to get involved!

Nutrition Buffs

The Nutrition Buffs meets for discussiosn, cooking demos, cooking classes and more!  

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STEM Routes

STEM Routes offers mentorship, advising, and workshops to support undergraduate students in their quest for a STEM career. Our graduate student mentors can help you get into a research lab, develop study strategies for intense semesters, help you study for the GRE, and anything else you need on your path to your future.

CU EMS club

We are a non-profit organization who provides quality emergency medical care to members of the University of Colorado, Boulder and our surrounding communities. The CUEMS program aims to develop and promote a safer student experience, positive community interactions, and quality emergency care. Our EMTs will provide on-site BLS medical care and medical evaluation for student-organized, campus affiliated, and community events upon request. Contact details see here.