Biology Advisor • (she/her/hers)

Sue is a member of the biology advising team who advises sophmore, junior and senior biology students.  

I received my BA degree from the University of Colorado Boulder with a double major in biochemistry and MCDB with departmental honors in biochemistry, with Dr. Thomas Cech  (Magna Cum Laude). I went onto graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley where I completed my master’s degree in molecular immunology. I then went on to work at Genentech, a world class biotechnology company, where I performed research on formulations for pharmaceutical  proteins. I later moved into the department of regulatory affairs within Genentech, and became part of the integral team,  to manage the development of protein drugs through clinical trials to FDA approval.  I left Genentech to move back to Boulder and headed up the regulatory effort for another biotech company who was developing a recombinant human hemoglobin as a blood replacement product. During that time, we  teamed up with Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical giant, which led me to travel extensively throughout Europe exploring strategies for European regulatory approval.  
I left the industry to spend time with my kids as they were growing up, going through grade school and to help my husband start up a new company selling a sports software application that he developed. 
I started as an academic advisor for MCDB in June 2006, but now advise EBIO and IPHY students as well. In  2008, I was fortunate to be awarded a grant from the Study Abroad Office, to explore and learn about the Danish Institute in Copenhagen and their amazing science program. My passion is to help students learn about how a science education can position them for a satisfying career.