Rui Yi
Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology

Gold Bioscience Room A21

Mammalian skin and its appendages function as the outermost barrier of the body to protect inner organs from environmental hazards and keep essential fluid within. We are interested in the elucidation of gene expression regulatory networks controlled by transcription factors and miRNAs among others in mammalian skin development, stem cells and cancer. Specifically, we are developing research programs in the following areas: identify and study gene expression regulatory networks in different skin lineages and skin cancer; investigation of individual gene functions with combinatorial approaches in mouse genetics, cell biology, molecular biology and large scale genomic tools; elucidating the molecular mechanisms of gene functions by systematically identifying their physiological targets; exploring potential roles of other regulatory RNAs and proteins in mammalian skin. Our goal is to manipulate skin stem cells for regenerative medicine and discover new treatment for human skin diseases.