Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building Access and Information

You will want to get to know everyone on the building staff who can help you with everything from building operations and facility usage to shipping/receiving and A/V support. First though, you will want to get into your office!

Building access and key information
Room Scheduling in the JSCBB  
CU Alert System
Parking and phone service
Phone Instructions
JSCBB Weekly Newsletter
Digital Signage
Mailing and Shipping Addresses
IT Support


Building access and key information:

Maryellen Ancell
Building Operations Coordinator


Room Scheduling in the JSCBB  

If you need to schedule a conference room or other space in the building.


CU Alert System

In the case of an emergency, make sure you get the message. Keep your emergency information up to date for real-time information about campus closures, extreme weather and other emergencies – sent straight to your mobile via our text messaging service.


Parking and phone service:

Angela Janacek
Building Services Manager


Phone Instructions:

To Access your voice mail, call extension 303-735-6245 from any office phone and follow the prompts. Your password will be set to 1#.

  • To dial on campus:
    • For numbers with the 492 prefix - dial 2 and then the last 4 digits
    • For numbers with the 735 prefix - dial 5 and then the last 4 digits
  • To call off campus:
    • Dial “8” to get an outside line, then dial the area code and the seven-digit phone number.


JSCBB Weekly Newsletter:

  • Send an email to
  • In the body of the email, type the following: SUBSCRIBE JSCBB-OCCUPANTS and your first and last name
  • You will receive a confirmation email


Digital Signage:

Angela also updates the digital signage around the JSCBB so let her know if there is something you would like to put up for all to see.


Mailing and Shipping Addresses:

The mailing address for the JSCBB: 
596 UCB 
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO  80309

The shipping address for the JSCBB: 
3415 Colorado Ave. Room C1B82
Boulder, CO  80303


IT Support:

Please email for desktop support.

Copying, Scanning and Faxing
Your Printer Code (1397) works on all of the shared printers on campus.
The copiers double as scanning and faxing devices. Detailed instructions are posted next to the printer. The main copier is in the break room (JSCBB A171V).

Helpful downloads and information for you and your students can be found on the OIT website

  • Messaging and collaboration
  • Teaching and Learning tools and spaces
  • Research Computing
  • Academic technology
  • Software downloads
  • Hardware information