CHEM and Biochem Club

Chemistry and Biochemistry majors are encouraged to participate in the Chem and Biochem Club activities. The organization’s goal is to foster early professional development and interaction among the departmental majors. The club sponsors special lectures, career planning sessions, research lab tours, outreach programs, and social events of interest to the undergraduate majors. Students may also become Student members of the American Chemical Society.
For additional information about joining the undergraduate club contact or visit their website.

pregraduate research pathways logoPregraduate Research Pathways

Pregraduate Research Pathways (PRP) aims to help students connect with other undergraduates, grad students, PIs, and career personnel in a variety of fields to better understand what options are open to them after graduation and to create a more close-knit community. We hope to prepare and inform students about different paths and how to achieve their goals post-graduation.
For additional information about joining the student group contact or visit their website.

Other Biochemistry Focused Clubs

  • RNA Club
  • Graduate Student Summer Supergroups
  • Biophysics Club
  • Signaling and Cellular Regulation

CU Clubs

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) maintains a list of current student organizations with information about joining.