The submission deadline for FY19-20 is March 27, 2019. The risk-based rules for rate-based service activities are no longer in effect.  All units with any external sales and all units with $10,000 or more of internal revenues should submit rates using the rate sheets below.

    All service centers with any sales to external (non-CU) customers should submit rates on an annual basis using the rate calculation sheets provided.  FY19-20 Planning Parameters will become available shortly, which will include preliminary benefits rates submitted to DHHS on December 31, 2015, available for reference on our budget development page under planning parameters (PDF)

    Service centers with no external sales and internal revenues of $10,000 or more should submit rates on an annual basis using the rate calculation sheets provided.  Internal-only service centers with less than $10,000 in annual sales are not required to submit rates.  However, these units should still prepare rates and manage their sales in accordance with all appropriate costing standards and generally accepted accounting principles, and they should be prepared to provide documentation about rate calculations upon request.

    If you have questions, please contact us at

    Rate sheets for FY19-20 submissions will be made available late January 2019.

    • Single-item rate sheet: Use this Excel for a single product or service offered within a speedtype. If you use a markup-based method of rate setting, use this rate sheet. If you have multiple products or services which each have their own speedtype, submit a copy of this rate sheet for each.  
    • Multi-item rate sheet: Use this Excel for multiple, similar products or services offered within a single speedtype.