Covid19 picAlmost everything faculty need to know about campus issues related to the current situation regarding COVID-19 is listed on CU's Coronovirus Updates and  Resources page. We strongly encourage you take time to read through this page (links, articles, etc.) weekly in order to find out about updates. Information on developing plans for AY20-21 (Roadmap to Fall 2020) are linked here as well.

Administration is consulting frequently with the BFA Executive Committee and an ad-hoc BFA COVID-19 AY20-21 Faculty Response Committee. These committees have met weekly since May, and will continue to stay abreast of this changing situation and the impacts to faculty. We will be communicating updates through BFA Representatives, as well as on this page. 

Although you can get to all the below links from the Coronovirus Updates and Resources page, we are grouping them related to areas of interest: