Dr. Julienne Stroeve

The Arctic on the Fast Track of Change

Dr. Julienne Stroeve discusses the changes underway in the Arctic, with specific focus on the Arctic ice cover. The continued loss of the Arctic summer sea ice cover will have a profound environmental, biological, and societal impacts.

Mark Williams

Save Our Snow: Part One

Mark Williams

Water: A Zero Sum Game

"Water: A Zero Sum Game" takes viewers high into the Rocky Mountain snowpack as researchers dig snow pits to explore the source of our water supply. 'The snowpack acts as a storage system, or bank account," snow hydrologist Mark Williams explains, "it releases water slowly into the watershed as it...

Julienne Stroeve

What is the Ice Albedo Feedback?

120 seconds of science. Julienne Stroeve, Ph.D. explains her research on albedo, the reflectivity of snow and ice surfaces.