Pine beetle tree damage

Colorado’s Forests and the Pine Beetle Epidemic

Researchers explain the connection between the unprecedented mountain pine beetles epidemic and climate change in Colorado.

Jim White video cover

Sea Level Rise: Adapting to Higher Seas

We can't rely on sea levels to stay the same, especially as the earth's climate system is changing.

Al Bartlett video cover

Population, Consumption, and Climate: A Conversation with Al Bartlett

The connection between population growth, consumption and climate change.

Colorado front range winter scene video cover

Climate Change: Making Choices That Make a Difference

Climate change solutions with a special focus on projects by students at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Water and energy video cover

The Water-Energy Nexus & Effects of Climate Change

Explore the relationship between our demand for energy and the availability of water.

cabin covered in snow

Colorado and a Warming Planet

A closer look at how Colorado is being affected by rising sea levels, temperature increase, and diminished water availability.

Forest Health, Wildfire and Your Home Video Cover

Forest Health, Wildfire and Your Home

Learn about historic forest management in the American west and how it is effecting current wildfire regimes in forests close to residential areas.

hole in ozone layer

Global Agreements & Local Solutions

There are choices we make everyday that have big consequences for our planet.

Arctic Sea Ice Climate and Variability Video Cover with Kelly

Arctic Sea Ice: Climate and Variability

Join Jen Kay for a look at climate modeling, climate change, and what you can do about climate change.