Computer model

How Does Nature Try to Balance Carbon Dioxide?

120 seconds of science. Jim White, Ph.D. describes how carbon dioxide is produced, and how it is returned to the earth.

Julienne Stroeve

What is the Ice Albedo Feedback?

120 seconds of science. Julienne Stroeve, Ph.D. explains her research on albedo, the reflectivity of snow and ice surfaces.

Ted Scambos

How Much Difference Does a Few Degrees Make?

120 seconds of science.

Ryan Vachon and Jim White

How Do Greenhouse Gases Work?

120 seconds of science.

Ryan Vachon

What is the Difference Between Weather and Climate?

120 seconds of science with Doc Ryan.

Mark Serreze

Mark Serreze: Interview

Full interview with Mark Serreze.

Houses on coastal beach

Sea Level Rise: The Changing Coastline

Professor James White explains the science of sea level rise, and what we can expect of our coastlines the near future.

Al Bartlett

Al Bartlett: Interview

Full interview with Al Bartlett.

Amy Steiker working in lab

Are Humans Influencing Modern Climate?

Amy Steiker is researching human activities and their effect on climate change and studies isotopes from all over the world.

Palm oil workers

Impacts of Palm Oil Production on Climate Change: Realities and Opportunities

CU Boulder researcher, Phil Taylor, investigates ways into making Palm Oil a more environmentally sustainable product.