Professor Mitton

Birds, Beetles and Other Forest Friends and Foes

Professor Mitton discusses the role climate change has played in creating the mountain pine beetle epidemic. Small shifts in climate have expanded the geographic range in which pine beetles can thrive and extended their life cycle from one generation per year to two. He also explains a surge in the...

Mark Williams

Save Our Snow: Part One

Mark Williams

Water: A Zero Sum Game

"Water: A Zero Sum Game" takes viewers high into the Rocky Mountain snowpack as researchers dig snow pits to explore the source of our water supply. 'The snowpack acts as a storage system, or bank account," snow hydrologist Mark Williams explains, "it releases water slowly into the watershed as it...

small indicator species

What is an Indicator Species?

Webinar panel

Challenges for the Colorado River Basin: Full Webinar

Challenges for the Colorado River Basin, includes Doug Kenney, Ph.D. Director, Western Water Policy Program at University of Colorado Law School. Jeff Lukas, Senior Research Associate, Western Water Assessment, CIRES, University of Colorado Boulder.

Truck driving through palm field

Impacts of Palm Oil Production on Climate Change: Realities and Opportunities

CU Boulder researcher, Phil Taylor, investigates ways into making Palm Oil a more environmentally sustainable product. He explores Palm Oil methane capture technology to provide renewable energy for small tropical communities.

Jim White and fellow panelist at National Academies of Science

Abrupt Change Briefing

National Academies of Science panel discussion of the report Anticipating Surprises: Abrupt Climate Change.

Shari Gearheard

Shari Gearheard: Interview

Full interview with Shari Gearheard.

Ted Scambos

Ted Scambos: Interview

Full interview with Ted Scambos.

Jim White

Jim White: Interview

Full interview with Jim White.