Christine Ray

Christine Ray: Interview

Full Interview with Christine Ray.

Thomas Veblen

Thomas Veblen: Interview

Full Interview with Thomas Veblen.

Andrew Slater

Andrew Slater: Interview

Full interview with Andrew Slater.

Richard Armstrong

Richard Armstrong: Interview

Full Interview with Richard Armstrong.

Dr. Julienne Stroeve

The Arctic on the Fast Track of Change

Dr. Julienne Stroeve discusses the changes underway in the Arctic, with specific focus on the Arctic ice cover. The continued loss of the Arctic summer sea ice cover will have a profound environmental, biological, and societal impacts.

Professor Mitton

Birds, Beetles and Other Forest Friends and Foes

Professor Mitton discusses the role climate change has played in creating the mountain pine beetle epidemic. Small shifts in climate have expanded the geographic range in which pine beetles can thrive and extended their life cycle from one generation per year to two. He also explains a surge in the...

Mark Williams

Save Our Snow: Part One

Al Bartlett

Al Bartlett: Interview

Full interview with Al Bartlett.