Jim White and fellow panelist at National Academies of Science

Abrupt Change Briefing

National Academies of Science panel discussion of the report Anticipating Surprises: Abrupt Climate Change.

Jim White

Jim White: Interview

Full interview with Jim White.

Computer model

How Does Nature Try to Balance Carbon Dioxide?

120 seconds of science. Jim White, Ph.D. describes how carbon dioxide is produced, and how it is returned to the earth.

Ryan Vachon and Jim White

How Do Greenhouse Gases Work?

120 seconds of science.

Houses on coastal beach

Sea Level Rise: The Changing Coastline

Professor James White explains the science of sea level rise, and what we can expect of our coastlines the near future.

Jim White video cover

Sea Level Rise: Adapting to Higher Seas

We can't rely on sea levels to stay the same, especially as the earth's climate system is changing.

cabin covered in snow

Colorado and a Warming Planet

A closer look at how Colorado is being affected by rising sea levels, temperature increase, and diminished water availability.