These CU Boulder courses are among those that include communication around climate, the environment, or sustainability as a major theme. Courses may or may not be offered regularly.

ATLS 4173/ENVS 3173/THTR 4173
Creative Climate Communications (Spring)
Max Boykoff

ATOC 4800 (3)/ATOC 5000/ENVS 5830
Policy Implications of Climate Controversies
Weiqing Han

CESR 4130 (3)
Sustainable Operations

CESR 4826/ESBM 4826
Social Entrepeneurship: Designing a Better World

CESR 4827 (3)
Integrated Reporting for Socially Responsible Strategies

COMM 3370 
Environmental Communication
Phaedra Pezzullo | Jessica Rich

COMM 3750
Quantitative Communication Research Methods
Jody Jahn

COMM 3760
Rhetorical Criticism
Tiara Na’puti

COMM 5225 
Environmental Communication
Phaedra Pezzullo

COMM 5620
Readings in Organizational Communication
Jody Jahn

ENVS 1150 (3)
First-Year Writing in Energy, Environment and Sustainability

ENVS 2100
Topics in Applied ENVS: Environmental Justice and Community Engagement
Residential academic program

ENVS 2100-370
Permaculture Design
Maymester course includes internationally recognized certificate in permaculture design

ENVS 3001
Sustainable Solutions Consulting

ENVS 3020
Advanced Writing in Environmental Studies

ENVS 3022 (3)
Climate Politics and Policy

ENVS 3032 (3)
Environment, Media and Society

ENVS 3064
Environmental Political Theory

ENVS 3175
Creative Climate Communication
Max Boykoff

ENVS 3525
Special Topics in Intermediate Environmental Problem Analysis: Topical Cornerstones

  • 2016 example: Intermediate environmental problem analysis: Topical cornerstones: Waste and global justice (David Ciplet)

ENVS 3621
Energy Policy and Society

ENVS 5100
Special Topics in Environmental Studies, Power, Justice and Climate Change

  • Spring 2017 example: Making usable science for policy (Elizabeth McNie)

FILM 3041
Environmental Cinema
Erin Espelie

FYSM 1000-01
Science Communication
Max Boykoff

GEOL 4500
Critical Thinking in the Earth Sciences

GEOL 5700-004
Communicating Earth Science with the Public

GSAP 1500
Community Engagement

WRTG 3020
Topics in Writing
various instructors


  • Food and culture
  • Environmental writing
  • Resilient communities

WRTG 3030
Writing on Science and Society (multiple sections)

WRTG 3035
Technical Communication and Design (multiple sections)