Dr. Andrew Slater

Permafrost & Snow: Here and There, Now and Then

Dr. Andrew Slater from the National Snow and Ice Data Center explains how warming temperatures are leading to a decline in permafrost in the Arctic and around the globe, and what the future brings as carbon emissions increase.

Ted Scambos

Ted Scambos: Interview

Full interview with Ted Scambos.

Amy Steiker working in lab

Are Humans Influencing Modern Climate?

Amy Steiker is researching human activities and their effect on climate change and studies isotopes from all over the world.

Jim White video cover

Sea Level Rise: Adapting to Higher Seas

We can't rely on sea levels to stay the same, especially as the earth's climate system is changing.

Colorado front range winter scene video cover

Climate Change: Making Choices That Make a Difference

Climate change solutions with a special focus on projects by students at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Arctic Sea Ice Climate and Variability Video Cover with Kelly

Arctic Sea Ice: Climate and Variability

Join Jen Kay for a look at climate modeling, climate change, and what you can do about climate change.