Faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students collaborate on the affordable housing research project. 

Dr. Jennifer Fluri, Principal Investigator

Dr. Fluri is a feminist political geographer concentrating on conflict, security, and aid/development in South and Southwest Asia. She is particularly interested in understanding the spatial organization and corporeal representations and experiences of individuals and groups working and living within conflict zones. She brings her expertise examining the spatial aspects of community building and governance to the Boulder Affordable Housing Research Initiative.

Dr. Abby Hickcox, Principal Investigator

Dr. Hickcox is the Associate Director of the Arts & Sciences Honors Program.  She is a human-environment geographer who researches the complex overlap between environmentalism, progressive politics, and racism in Boulder. Her research focuses on dynamics of belonging and exclusion in this city's history. Cost of housing is one of the key factors affecting these dynamics in Boulder today. Though she often views the relationship between the residents of Boulder and their environment through a critical lens, she enjoys walking in parks and open space, especially with her dog. 

Dr. Sabrina Sideris, Principal Investigator

Dr. Sideris has been the Program Director of INVST since August 2007. INVST is an interdisciplinary academic program for CU Boulder undergraduates. Sabrina supports learners as they decide upon a course of reflective action for positive social change. She is passionate about helping people become skillful change makers. She has a Master's Degree in Peace Education from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica and she earned her Ph.D. in Higher Education at the University of Denver. She researches how universities contribute to displacement and gentrification. For over 12 years, she has also served on the board of the Boulder Housing Coalition, a 501(c)(3) that develops affordable housing cooperatives. She coordinates an annual training series for coop residents focused on social and racial justice and inclusive decision-making.

Dr. Heide Bruckner, Research Associate

Dr. Bruckner is a critical human geographer whose research and teaching focus on how environmental and social justice intersect with food and agriculture. Her work emphasizes participatory, outreach-oriented approaches in settings as diverse as urban American cities, rural communities in Latin America, and semi-urban Austria. In Boulder, she is actively involved in research on food insecurity and economic precarity, with a specific emphasis on the body itself as a site of everyday emotional and material experience. She currently teaches, advises, and mentors undergraduate students as a teaching professor in the Geography department.

Esmé Fahnestock, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Esmé is an undergraduate student majoring in Geography.