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Undergraduate Research Opportunities within ATOC 


  • Climate Dynamics Group with Dr. Jennifer Kay
    • 1-2 undergraduate research positions will be available in Summer 2019
    •  Students interested in research that aims to differentiate climate change from natural climate variabilty are encouraged to apply 
    • Using analysis of climate model simulations from the CESM Large Ensemble Community Project as their primary tool, students will identify specific research projects based on personal interest
    • Expected hours per week will depend on each student's availabilty, required credit hours, and project needs or scope
    • Programming, climate modeling, and data analysis (e.g., working with netcdf files) experience through ATOC 4500 Climate Modeling  or ATOC 4500 Scientific Programming and Data Visualization coursework is preferred 
    • Funding is available for this work, and results will be presented at either the CESM Workshop in Colorado in June, or at a national meeting (e.g., AGU, AMS)
    • Contact Dr. Jennifer Kay for more information


  • Skywatch Observatory Student Internship Summer 2018
    • The Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado is seeking a currently enrolled student to assist with environmental instrumentation and website improvement for the Skywatch Atmospheric Observatory located on the CU Boulder campus. We seek an individual, familiar with Python, IDL, and Labview programming. Basic knowledge of data acquisition systems and environmental monitoring instrumentation is also desired. Internship activities will focus on improving observatory data quality, data access, web site functionality, instrument electronics development. This is a summer, part-time position (15-20 hours per week) with the pay rate depending on experience level. 

    • Responsibilities

      • Develop microcontroller based data acquisition electronics and software for environmental sensors.

      • Improve web site functionality and data access.

      • Create web based interactive plot routines

    • Desired qualifications

      • Proficiency in Labview, IDL, and Python programming

      • Experience with Windows OS

      • Superior communication skills

      • Microcontroller hardware and software development experience

      • HTML and PHP coding

    • Contact Scott Kittelman for more information 

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