danny rankin at tedxmilehigh

Subversion by design: Danny Rankin's TEDxMileHigh talk

Feb. 27, 2020

"To the powerful, to anyone who hides behind a brand, be warned: We know what fonts you use. We've read your brand guidelines. And if you won't tell the truth, we'll steal your voice and tell it for you." These are the words ATLAS Instructor Danny Rankin ended his TEDxMileHigh talk with on Nov. 16, 2019, and they were met with enthusiastic and prolonged applause.

Photo of Arielle Hein

"A New Way to Measure Time," TEDxMileHigh:Point of Departure

June 30, 2017

Watch ATLAS TAM Instructor Arielle Hein's talk, "A new way to measure time," delivered at TEDxMileHigh 2017: Point of Departure last summer.