Pre Grad Employment: Army Medic

Post Grad Employment: Research Engineer @ Mantel TechnologiesPhoto of Mel Plett with a shoe made by one of her wearables students

Undergrad Degree: BA Environmental Studies: Sustainable Development

MS Focus Interest: Creative Making & Wearable Technology

MS Courses Taken in the Program  

  • CTD Professional Seminar: The Business of Creativity
  • Creative Technologies
  • Design Methods
  • Design Studio x 2
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Physical Computing Interfaces
  • Master's Independent Study
  • Object
  • Haptic Interfaces
  • Color
  • CTD Design Thesis

CTD Design Thesis Project

  • Problem = Blending creative crafting and technology
  • Focus = Wearable technology and education
  • Goal = Create a series of learning experiences for people of all ages to explore the integration of  “traditional” making practices with technology.