The ATLAS Center for Arts, Media and Performance is currently accepting proposals for performances, installations and showings in the Black Box Experimental Studio for next academic year. CMAP is an incubator for the novel and experimental use of technology in music, dance, visual art, theater, film and new media; projects that explore new avenues of artistic practice are particularly encouraged. In addition, the center is interested in projects that involve more than one discipline, including collaborations between various branches of the arts, collaborations between artists and scientists or other interdisciplinary hybrids. Projects may be proposed by students and/or by faculty.

The Black Box has a sprung floor and is equipped with a high-end multi-channel sound system, an outstanding theatrical lighting rig, and multiple video projectors and projection surfaces. Proposals should explain how the Black Box’s capabilities will be used and/or how the project intersects with media or technology.

The center is now reviewing programming for academic year 2018-2019, and will accept proposals until April 13, 2018. A limited number of spaces are available (with a greater number of openings in the fall semester); proposals are granted on a competitive basis. Applicants will receive notification about their proposal by April 24.

Project Proposal Guidelines

Please supply the following information when submitting a proposal:





1. Provide a description of your proposed project, not to exceed 500 words.

2. List three significant accomplishments relevant to the project (awards, publications, performances, exhibits, etc.), not to exceed 50 words per item.

3. Provide work samples in whatever format best suits the projects: audio, video, stills, etc. If submitting video or audio, please submit two excerpts, each not longer than five minutes. If submitting stills, please submit up to 10. Please provide links to large media files (instead of sending attachments).

4. If you are a student, please include a faculty letter of support for the project.

5. Submit a copy of the application electronically to Michael Theodore, director of the ATLAS Center of Media, Arts and Performance at