Working at ATLAS
square graphic that repeats the words "atlas jobs"ATLAS is an interdisciplinary institute for radical creativity and invention. We transform ingenious ideas into reality through research, experimentation and critical thinking. Part of the University of Colorado Boulder, ATLAS offers undergraduate and graduate programs through the College of Engineering and Applied Science. When we have positions open, we'll list them below; if no positions are listed, but you are interested in one day joining ATLAS and being part of a dynamic community of researchers, makers, inventors and innovators, use the link below to tell us about yourself. When suitable opportunities arise, we'll let you know about them.

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Tenure-Track Faculty Positions in the College of Engineering and Applied Science

The College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) at the University of Colorado Boulder is launching a college-wide search for multiple tenure-track faculty positions rostered among any of the six departments within the college. Apply here. The College anticipates hiring at the assistant professor rank, although qualified candidates will be considered at the associate and full professor levels.  This is an open discipline search across 6 departments at the School of Engineering. If you are interested in joining ATLAS through this search, please clearly indicate so in your application and let us know, by emailing us at: .  [posted 27 September 2022]


ATLAS Employment Guide

The following information is provided as a guide to positions at the ATLAS Institute. It is not a listing of currently open positions. Applicants interested in openings in the ATLAS Institute should search CU Boulder Jobs.

The CU Boulder and the ATLAS Institute are committed to sustaining a diverse, equitable and inclusive academic setting and welcome applicants from a range of backgrounds whose work and experience will contribute to that effort. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, including veterans and individuals with disabilities. 

Staff and Faculty

Each semester, the ATLAS Institute engages lecturers to teach a variety of courses to undergraduate and graduate students in areas surrounding engineering, creative technology and design. Lecturers are highly valued members of the ATLAS Institute and participate in academic community activities beyond classroom teaching.

The title of Lecturer is given to individuals who teach on a course-by-course basis. Lecturers generally teach a particular course or courses for which they are qualified and have graduate degrees and/or advanced experience in their profession or field of expertise.

Compensation ranges from $7,500 to $8,500 per course, depending on the teaching assignment, qualifications, and semester the course is taught.

Examples of topics our lecturers teach include: 

  • Big Data Architecture
  • Computational Foundations 
  • Physical Computing 
  • User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)
  • Full-stack Web Development
  • Mixed Reality (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality)

Lecturers are not permanent employees; appointments are made for one or more semester(s). Lecturers are eligible for employee sick leave earned monthly on a prorated basis.

ATLAS currently has several openings for lecturers. To learn more, visit CU Boulder Jobs.

All permanent staff openings are listed on the Search Jobs page of the CU Boulder Jobs website.  While searching, enter ATLAS as a keyword. More general information is available on the CU Careers website.

ATLAS Student Assistant Positions

ATLAS and CMAP-B2 student positions are CLOSED for Fall 2022. Please check back in Spring 2023 for open positions.

Each semester, the ATLAS Institute engages hourly student assistants to fill a variety of roles. We encourage interested students to email us

Undergraduate Work Schedule and Hours

Undergraduate student work schedule is set by your supervisor. Students are limited to no more than 25 hours per week during the academic year. During the summer students can work up to 40 hours per week if approved by their supervisors.

Student Employment Hiring Guidelines

Student employment hiring guidelines and procedures for the Boulder Campus can be found on the University of Colorado website. Furthermore, Student Employment publishes annual handbooks for both on-campus employers and off-campus work-study employers.

Student Assistant Positions

    • Assisting students in courses. 
    • Students who have taken the course previously are preferred.

    • Manage students and assist with questions / homework help in the BTU Lab
    • Maintain lab including: Reorder, stock supplies, clean and troubleshoot lab equipment and general cleaning 
    • Teach workshops and facilitate with others teaching workshops
    • Administer orientations and train laser masters
    • Create content for the lab including social media, documentation, posters and projects
    • Assist in maintaining culture creating a welcoming, inclusive and diverse lab environment

    CTD Ambassadors are tasked with representing the CTD undergraduate programs in a variety of ways, and are seen as knowledgeable resources for the ATLAS Institute and the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Ambassadors provide tours of the ATLAS Institute, connect with perspective CTD students, and participate in a wide variety of events.

    • Update ATLAS website
    • Curate and post social media
    • Take photographs and record video
    • Promote upcoming shows in the B2 Center for Media, Arts and Performance
    • Promote ATLAS Speaker Series events
    • Post ATLAS events to campus calendar
    • Edit stories and posts for website
    • Photo and video editing
    • Graphic design
    • Support ATLAS Expo and similar institute events
    • Upload and maintain videos on Vimeo and YouTube
    • Support email marketing

    • check-out of materials
    • answering email and phone
    • answering student and visitor questions
    • cleaning and organization
    • general equipment setup and maintenance
    • assisting with events hosted at ATLAS

    All students are expected to learn all aspects of live performance production including lighting, audio, video projection, stage management, house management, and camera operation.  While students become skilled in all of these areas, it’s expected that each student will choose one or two areas to master. All positions include cleaning up/strike, mopping the floor, taking out trash, etc.


    • Hanging and focusing stage lights while on the grid
    • Programming the lighting control console
    • Keeping the grid clean, safe, and in order
    • Replacing lamps in lighting instruments
    • Ensuring that all lighting circuits in use have an operable dimmer


    • Setting up microphones for recording sessions
    • Placing speakers according to the sound plot
    • Cueing recorded audio for playback
    • Mixing on the audio console


    • Mounting and focusing projectors
    • Learning the software QLab and other video sequencing software
    • Troubleshooting video lines
    • Maintaining projectors/replacing lamps

    Stage Management

    • Maintain clear communication with the producing artist and tech crew
    • Complete to do checklist at top of show
    • Ensure everyone has what they need, everything is operational
    • Maintain communication with the house manager

    House Management

    • Ensure that the theater is safe and free of hazards
    • Maintain a seat count
    • Enforce fire code and capacity limits
    • Receive tickets if needed/count audience
    • Monitor the entrance for late comers/folks who need to leave
    • Help people find available seats.

    Camera Operation

    • Know all aspects/features of the camera you’re using
    • Discuss shots with the artists and stage manager
    • Set up and focus wide-angle camera if used
    • Provide digital SD card of footage to Production Manager at the end of the show.

    ATLAS also hires temporary positions on occasion. These positions will be posted on CU Boulder Jobs.