Sponsor: Ericsson Research

PI: Ellen Yi-Luen Do, co-PI: Mark D Gross

Ericsson Research Project Collaborators:
Amir Gomroki, head for 5G, North America; Héctor Caltenco, senior researcher; Per-Erik Brodin, research engineer;  Ali El Essaili, senior research engineer; Chris Phillips, master researcher; Alvin Jude Hari Haran, senior researcher; Per Karlsson, director, media technology research at Ericsson and head of Ericsson Research in Silicon Valley.

A live drummer and two AR avatars in a drum circle using an AR device, fiducial markers, and a MIDI drum.

AR Drum Circle

An application that enables remote drummers to play together in a drum circle using real electronic drum pads and augmented reality technology. 

Screenshot of ARRA video

Augmented Reality Remote Assistance (ARRA)

The Augmented Reality Remote Assistance (ARRA) project investigates the combination of virtual and augmented reality to support communication between two distant parties, such as an expert technician guiding a less experienced repairman in the field. The accompanying video illustrates how the technology works. The project is a collaboration between the...