About the Team

Logo with a human head and a lightbulb The Metacognition + Well-Being team is developing resources and learning objects that encourage students' awareness and understanding of their thought processes and learning strategies, as well as their mental, emotional, and physical well-being (including mindfulness and contemplative practices). The resources developed by the team will be designed for implementation in courses across the college.

Team Members

  • Karen Crouch HeadshotKaren Crouch, ASSETT
  • Becca Ciancanelli Becca Ciancanelli, CTL
  • June Gruber June Gruber, PSYC
  • Young Min Young Kyung Min, PWR
  • Galina Sieriejczyk Galina Siergiejczyk Nicoll, GSLL/GRAP
  • Shane Oshetski Shane Oshetski, SASC


Student Interns

Evamaria Kent (IPHY)

Sarah-Jane Alvarado (IPHY)










Recent Work

Student work by Nicholas HellmersStudent work by Nicholas Hellmers

In spring 2020, team member Young Min (PWR) compiled final projects from her international and native-English-speaking students a in WRTG 1150 (First-Year Writing & Rhetoric) seminar. Students students explored how, during COVID-19, they’ve maintained their well-being. They documented how we are collaborating locally, nationally and internationally beyond personal, political, ideological, institutional divisions and boundaries; what lessons we’ve learned in coping with the global pandemic and how we will respond appropriately in the future. Learn more about the project and read student work.




Student work by Nicholas Hellmers

Image by Harli Marten

In winter 2021, team member June Gruber (PSYC) released a Coursera course #TalkMentalIllness. This non-credit course, which aims to spread knowledge about mental illness and the impacts of the pandemic on mental health, helps people apply their learning so they can enjoy better lives. It is offered for free to CU Boulder faculty, staff, students and alumni who have a colorado.edu email address. Learn more about #TalkMentalIllness.


A call to action from June Gruber’s EMERGE LAB: Freshmen Mental Health Experiences During COVID-19

We want to understand YOUR experience as a first-year freshman at CU during the COVID-19 pandemic. Complete an online survey sharing your own experiences, thoughts, and feelings. This research is being conducted by researchers in the CU Department of Psychology and Neuroscience (IRB#18-0483). You will have the opportunity to win one of ten $100 Amazon gift cards. Additional opportunities to participate in paid research may be available. To qualify, you must be a freshman at CU, between the ages of 18-25, and fluent in English. Please contact gruberpeplab@colorado.edu with the subject line “EMERGE COVID-19 Study” and we will send you a survey link to complete at your convenience.