About the Team

Logo featuring a magnifying glass viewing a networkThe Inclusive Data Science team is working on integrating data science methods and tools across the curriculum via a new team-taught introduction to data science, “Inclusive Interdisciplinary Data Science For All (IIDS4A),” that weaves together the teaching of statistical reasoning, basic coding, and humanistic forms of inquiry.


Team Members

  • Shane Schwikert Shane Schwikert, ASSETT
  • Michael Schneider  Michael Schneider, ASSETT
  • Jane Garrity  Jane Garrity, ENGL
  • David Glimp  David Glimp, ENGL
  • Vilja Hulden  Vilja Hulden, HIST
  • Sebastian Kopf  Sebastian Kopf, GEOL
  • Brett Melbourne  Brett Melbourne, EBIO
  • Nathan Pieplow  Nathan Pieplow, PWR
  • Eric Vance  Eric Vance (APPM / LISA)


Student Interns

Ellie Lindrooth (DS/STAT) 

Mika Mildenberger (ENGL)

Tyler Fansler (CS)


Recent Work


In fall 2020, the Inclusive Data Science team’s proposed IIDS4A course was approved and will appear on the Arts & Sciences course roster in fall 2021. Read more about this exciting team taught interdisciplinary course!


team brainstorms ideas on whiteboard

The team generated gallery-worthy sketches during a storytelling workshop!

The Inclusive Data Science team participated in a storytelling workshop where they sketched narratives that describe the value of their proposed IIDS4A course for diverse campus stakeholders.