About the Team

Logo featuring a magnifying glass viewing a networkThe Inclusive Data Science team is working on integrating data science methods and tools across the curriculum via a new team-taught introduction to data science, “Inclusive Interdisciplinary Data Science For All (IIDS4A),” that weaves together the teaching of statistical reasoning, basic coding, and humanistic forms of inquiry.


Team Members

  • Shane Schwikert  Shane Schwikert, ASSETT
  • Michael Schneider  Michael Schneider, ASSETT
  • Jane Garrity  Jane Garrity, ENGL
  • David Glimp  David Glimp, ENGL
  • Vilja Hulden  Vilja Hulden, HIST
  • Sebastian Kopf  Sebastian Kopf, GEOL
  • Brett Melbourne  Brett Melbourne, EBIO
  • Nathan Pieplow  Nathan Pieplow, PWR
  • Eric Vance  Eric Vance (APPM / LISA)


Student Interns

Ellie Lindrooth (DS/STAT) 

Mika Mildenberger (ENGL)

Tyler Fansler (CS)

Recent Work

Logo featuring a magnifying glass viewing a network

Welcome to the 2021-22 CODE:SWITCH speaker seriesThroughout the academic year 2021-22, the ASSETT (Arts & Sciences Support of Education Through Technology) Innovation Incubator Inclusive Data Science team is hosting a series of critical speakers on inclusive, interdisciplinary data science topics ranging from algorithm bias to cultural analytics. 




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In August 2021, the Inclusive Data Science team was awarded $300,000 from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The awarded project, CODE:SWITCH, aims to radically rethink undergraduate data science education with a goal to develop and assess new pedagogical approaches to teaching data science that effectively incorporate perspectives of both STEM and humanities disciplines. The new, team taught course to be evaluated, Interdisciplinary Data Science for All (AHUM 1825), launched this fall. Learn more about the team’s NSF award.


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In fall 2020, the Inclusive Data Science team’s proposed IIDS4A course was approved and will appear on the Arts & Sciences course roster in fall 2021. Read more about this exciting team taught interdisciplinary course!



team brainstorms ideas on whiteboard







The Inclusive Data Science team participated in a storytelling workshop where they sketched narratives that describe the value of their proposed IIDS4A course for diverse campus stakeholders.