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If you’re interested in learning principles that span across disciplines, applies to all educational levels and pedagogical situations, and are cross cultural relevant, please join our summer Book Club.

Do you want to change the way you deliver your course content or explore the different frameworks of the Flipped Classroom, Hybrid, or Online course designs? Learn more about the Course Design Workshop.

ASSETT invites you and your A&S undergraduate students who are interested in working on course design, research, or assessment to lunch. Learn more about attending a Digital Learning Communities Meetup

Join a Special Interest Group (SIG)! A SIG is a community of learners who explore themes in teaching, learning, and technology.

Student Fellows partner with faculty to improve the College of Arts & Science’s undergraduate student experience through the use of technology. 

ASSETT’s Tech Camps explore a variety of technologies such as Kubi, mobile apps, new features in GSuite, and much more!

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 Our goal is to help you determine ways to gather and analyze quality classroom data that will help you reach pedagogical goals and effectively implement learning technologies. 

We offer one-on-one and small-group consultations tailored to the unique needs of faculty, courses, and programs. They are designed to help you teach more efficiently and effectively with tools suited to your comfort level, learning objectives, and technical expertise.  

The ASSETT Faculty Fellows Program is a group of faculty members from different departments who collaborate to address teaching, learning, and technology needs and challenges within their individual departments. 

The Teaching Technology Assistance Program (TTAP) helps faculty implement new technologies into the classroom by providing them with a Student Fellow.

 Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for curriculum design that fosters an inclusive learning environment.

ASSETT’s Visualizing Instructional Practices (VIP) Service provides faculty within the College of Arts and Sciences with a new way of reflecting on their teaching, by describing what happens across a class period.

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  Nominees for the Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award work to further ASSETT's mission of advancing teaching and learning through technology.

A hybrid course replaces some in-class time with out-of-class, online learning activities. Use ASSETT's Hybrid Learning Resources to learn more about Hybrid Courses.

ASSETT's evidence-based models are intended to assist in the Hybrid Course Design process and provide efficient pathways for instruction.

The Spotlight around the College highlights Faculty blog posts, videos and other materials.

ASSETT's Survival Strategies includes advice from faculty about what strategies have worked to create an effective and engaging learning environment in large classes.

During the most recent Teaching with Technology Symposium, Dr. Punya Mishra spoke about his research focused on the role of creativity, aesthetics and design in the educational process.

The Flipped Classroom is a teaching approach where students get their first exposure to course content before coming to class, then spend in-class time engaging in activities designed to promote deeper understanding of concepts.