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The Quantitative Finance track is one of two curricular options of the Actuarial Studies and Quantitative Finance Certificate Program. Successful completion results in the award of the Quantitative Finance Certificate by the Leeds School of Business and the College of Arts & Sciences. The certificate is independent of any major course of study and is open to all students. However, the curriculum fits best with the curricula for majors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Business and Economics due to overlapping requirements with degrees in these areas.


The Quantitative Finance Track is designed to provide candidates with a very strong analytical grounding for application in the business environment, particularly in the finance function. Recruiters have consistently listed strong analytical skills highly among desired characteristics in job candidates, even more so when recruiting to fill highly competitive complex financial analysis positions.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Quantitative Finance is jointly sponsored by the Leeds School of Business and the College of Arts & Sciences and requires coursework from the Finance and Accounting Divisions in the Leeds School of Business and from the Mathematics, Economics and Applied Mathematics Departments in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Potential Career Impact

Quantitative Finance is designed to provide a competitive preparatory advantage for students interested in successful careers in a variety of fields. Examples of the career areas for which the preparation provided by Quantitative Finance is particularly well suited include

  • Financial consulting
  • Pension consulting
  • Investment management research
  • Portfolio management
  • Corporate treasury functions
  • Institutional securities sales
  • Institutional financial marketing & trading
  • Investment Banking

Due to the scarcity of competitive programs nationally which combine rigorous training in quantitative methods and extensive finance training, it is expected that successful candidates will encounter strong job demand in areas of direct interest. In addition, the Quantitative Finance curriculum provides a very strong foundation for students interested in additional academic training in the future.