Our faculty are available for advice and information to both students and employers.

Students should consult with a faculty member listed below in conjunction with their departmental advisor for scheduling issues. In short, our program advisors know little about degree requirements, and the degree advisors know little about our program requirements.

This is doubly important for BUSINESS MAJORS IN THE QUANTITATIVE FINANCE TRACK, since carefully consulting both advisors can prevent you from needlessly duplicating material and courses.

Professor David Grant , Department of Mathematics
(303) 492-4989, grant@colorado.edu

Professor Karl Gustafson, Department of Mathematics
(303) 492-7752, karl.gustafson@colorado.edu

Professor Anne Dougherty, Department of Applied Mathematics
(303) 492-4011, anne.dougherty@colorado.edu

Professor Nicholas Flores, Department of Economics
(303) 492-8145, nicholas.flores@colorado.edu

Professor Daniel Brown, Leeds School of Business
(303) 492-5684, daniel.brown@colorado.edu