Departments and Programs in Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences

  • Each semester, Unit determines temporary faculty appointees according to teaching needs and ensures employment eligibility (i.e., Lecturers may teach up to four courses, or the equivalent (up to 12 credit hours total), each semester, including courses taught on all CU campuses and through Continuing Education).
    • Typically, lecturer appointments are not posted and recruited for on CU Careers, but rather sourced at the department/program level. However, if there is a need to do so, the unit should submit a College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Advertisement Template to the Faculty Affairs Manager for review and approval. Once posted, the Unit will receive a quick link to the posting.
      • HRSC  will process the BGC when they receive the request to hire. For rehires, the HRSC will determine if an updated BGC is required.
  • Faculty appointee completes Courses Agreed to Teach Grid and submits to Unit.
  • Unit submits the following to Faculty Affairs Coordinator for review via email at
  • HRSC Spreadsheet reviewed by Faculty Affairs Coordinator.
  • Once approved by Faculty Affairs Coordinator, Faculty Affairs Coordinator uses the HRSC to create a mail merge for all lecturer, adjunct, and adjoint hires on the HRSC Spreadsheet.
  • Faculty Affairs Coordinator routes final, approved offer letter and completed Courses Agreed to Teach Grid for all signatures via DocuSign with cc: to the following:
    • Human Resources Service Center
  • If new hire, Unit  follows HRSC  procedures to submit personal information.
  • Appointment entered in HCM by the College of Arts and Sciences' Central Human Resources Service Center.
  • If applicable, Unit dispositions candidates and requests that the College of Arts and Sciences' Human Resources Manager close the posting in CU Careers.
  • If any changes to the offer letter are needed after approval, fill out an addendum form.

COURSE CANCELLATIONS, should be communicated to the HRSC and to