Faculty may use the Transfer Value of Services (TVS) form to allow a transfer of payment to a department general operating fund by choosing to perform additional duties, such as chair or associate chair, without compensation. Faculty may not use this mechanism to transfer their primary appointment compensation or to circumvent the 3/9ths rules.

It is not appropriate to make such a transfer to an individual’s personal discretionary or research fund(s). The individual transferring funds must release full control, not be able to direct the use, or solely receive direct benefit of the funds. The individuals who have control of the departmental funds (fiscal managers or fiscal principals) have no obligation to use the funds in any way specifically instructed by or that directly benefit the individual who performed the services.

The Transfer of Value Services form must be completed prior to the performance of the services (which is a hard deadline per IRS rules) and submitted to Robert.D.Clark@colorado.edu.

The actual transfer of funds will take place at the end of the semester.