Post tenure review is required of all tenured faculty at an interval of five years. These reviews are conducted by departments and dean's offices, and submitted to Faculty Affairs. Some financial support to facilitate the resulting professional plan is supplied to faculty by Faculty Affairs through the dean’s offices. Faculty Affairs is also charged with annual reporting of post tenure review results to System Administration. 

Information, provided by the Office of Faculty Affairs, pertaining to Post Tenure Review, can be found on the Office of Faculty Affairs website.

In summary, the candidate’s work is reviewed by a department subcommittee of at least two members. For faculty rostered in the Graduate School, the department is to contact the Institute to determine whether or not the institute would like to have an institute member included on the subcommittee. Documentation reviewed by the subcommittee during the Post Tenure Review is to include:

  • Updated curriculum vitae to be submitted along with the report
  • The five most recent annual merit performance evaluation reports (Faculty Performance Ratings)
  • Faculty Course Questionnaires from the preceding five years
  • Peer reviews
  • Previous five year Faculty Professional Plan
  • Updated five year Faculty Professional Plan
  • Other documentation as desired or as required by the department

General Timeline

November 1

A list of faculty members up for Post Tenure Review, is sent to department chairs and program coordinators for confirmation.

November 15

Deadline for departments to confirm/correct list.

May 1

Post Tenure Review forms/reports due to Alison Miller in the Dean's Office.


Post Tenure Review Summary Report is sent by the Dean’s Office to the Office of Faculty Affairs.


Post Tenure Review Form may be used for summarizing the faculty member’s work, with conclusions regarding the candidate’s productivity and contributions to the University. This summary needs to include some detail regarding the committee’s findings in each of the following areas:

  • Teaching
  • Research/creative work
  • Service
  • Professional development plan

Alternately, the primary unit subcommittee may write a brief, one to two-page report. Note: Regardless of the format, please indicate whether the faculty member is below, meeting, or exceeding departmental expectations. 

A draft of the committee's report is to be given to the faculty member for review. They may approve it as written or append comments. Both the faculty member and the Chair must sign the report or form. If the person under review is rostered in an Institute, the Institute Director must also sign.

The following documents are to be combined in one bookmarked PDF and emailed to Alison Miller ( in the Dean's Office in the following order:

  • Signed Post Tenure Review Form or report
  • Updated curriculum vitae
  • Faculty Course Questionnaire Summary Form for the last 5 years
  • Previous five-year Faculty Professional Plan*
  • Updated five-year Faculty Professional Plan

    *In the event that the previous 5-year plan is lost and cannot be retrieved, please substitute a memo explaining that the document has been lost. Include in that memo a retroactive summary of the 5-year projection.

No Post Tenure Review will be accepted without the items listed above included.

Note: All other back-up documentation (i.e., annual merit performance reports, peer reviews, etc.) are to be kept within the department.