Associate Teaching Professors and Teaching Professors, along with Clinical Associate Professors and Clinical Professors, are eligible to apply for semesters of differentiated workload. Faculty members who have completed six years (twelve semesters) in rank (at 100% time appointment) as a Associate Teaching Professors, Teaching Professors, Clinical Associate Professors, and Clinical Professors will be eligible to apply for a differentiated annual merit formula for one semester. 

If granted, the differentiated annual merit formula will reduce the formal teaching responsibilities of the faculty member to one three-credit course (or its equivalent) for that semester. 

The purpose of this annual merit formula adjustment is to allow these faculty members time to update their pedagogy and instructional and/or clinical skills and to develop new curriculum and/or clinical initiatives. 

The faculty member on differentiated annual merit formula is expected to remain on campus and serve the campus full-time as otherwise defined by the appointment letter. Faculty members with appointments of less than 100% (but at least 50%) full-time shall be eligible for this benefit on a prorated basis. For example, a 50% faculty member holding one of these positions will be eligible to apply for a differentiated annual merit formula after 24 semesters. 

Application for a differentiated annual merit formula assignment is made to the primary unit chair or director and must be approved in writing by the appropriate Dean of Division.

The Teaching / Clinical Professor Differentiated Workload Application is to be completed by the faculty member and unit Chair / Director and sent to the Faculty Affairs Manager (