Information regarding Administrative Policy Statement 5019 – Parental Leave for Faculty and University Staff can be found at the Office of Policy Efficiency website. Furthermore, additional information can be found on the Office of Faculty Affairs website.

Non-Tenure Track Nine-Month Faculty (Instructors, Senior Instructors, Teaching Professors, Scholars in Residence, Artists in Residence and Clinical Faculty)

  • Non-Tenure Track Nine-Month Faculty receive 18 weeks of parental leave.
  • The Boulder campus will provide the first six weeks of paid parental leave prorated for percent of time if appointment is less than 100%, to eligible employees.
  • This policy only applies to Instructors who have a base appointment or combined appointments at 50% (.50 FTE) and above.
    • Once parental leave is exhausted the employee must use accrued sick leave if remaining on leave.
    • If the faculty member exhausts all paid parental leave and sick leave before the end of an eighteen week period, the faculty member may continue the leave for the remainder of the period at 50% pay with full benefits. 
  • This policy does not apply to Lecturers or any other job classification not listed above.
  • All other terms and conditions for eligibility, definitions and usage of the APS 5019 remain unchanged.
  • The Deans offices, working with Office of Faculty Affairs, manage leave and teaching replacement for non-tenure track nine-month faculty members. 

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Part-time Instructor Sick Accruals

Part-time instructors accrue sick leave at the rate of 5.5 days per semester or 11 days per academic year prorated for the % of time of all active appointments for that period up to 1FTE. 

This calculation will be based on the accruals for the part-time base appointment and any additional jobs during the same term.

For example:

  • Instructor A has a 50% appointment in Department A. Instructor A has also been assigned a 25% lecturer appointment in Department B. The total accruals for this period of time will be based on a 75% accrual as an instructor.
  • Instructor B has a 75% appointment in Department B. Instructor B has also been assigned as a 50% lecturer in Department C. The accruals for this period of time will be based on a 100% accrual as an instructor.

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Procedures for Requesting Parental Leave

Faculty members applying for Parental Leave should do the following:

  • Contact the FMLA coordinators at to initiate the application process for Family Medical Leave Act coverage. The FMLA coordinators will guide the faculty member on all documentation required for FMLA coverage (if applicable).
    • Additional information on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can be found on the Human Relations website.
    • The FMLA Coordinators will respond to your inquiry and will cc: the A&S Office of Faculty Affairs.
    • The A&S Faculty Affairs Coordinators will calculate your sick leave accrual. If request is for a period of time over and above one semester at full pay, the calculation of accrued sick leave balance is needed.
  • The Office of Faculty Affairs requires the submission of a Parental Leave of Absence request in addition to the FMLA documentation that Central Human Resources has requested.
  • The Office of Faculty Affairs Coordinator will fill out this request on your behalf. We will send you a copy of your sick accrual and request the following information:
    • Chair’s name and email address (if rostered to more than one department, information for both chairs is required).
    • Director’s name and email address (if rostered in an institute or museum).
    • Dates of leave request (either an entire semester or specific dates during a semester).
  • Faculty on split appointments MUST submit a leave of absence request from all units they are rostered in. 
  • The College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Affairs Coordinator reviews the submitted information and submits the Parental Leave Request for completion via OFA’s Website for instructors who are 100%. For Instructors who are appointed below 100%, the request will be submitted via the A&S internal DocuSign power form. The form is routed to the faculty member, chair(s) or director(s), dean(s) and (if applicable) the Office of Faculty Affairs for signatures. A copy of the final, approved request is submitted by the power form to the following unit(s):
    • College of Arts and Sciences' Human Resources Service Center (HRSC) Coordinators;
    • FMLA Office; and
    • Finance and Accounting Professional Office.

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