The general timeline and deadlines for the Annual Merit Process and Performance Evaluations are located below. These dates and deadlines are subject to change.


  • Arts and Sciences Budget will transfer funding for faculty, classified and university staff merit.


  • Associate Dean's announce to Chairs and Directors that they must form salary committee's by next meeting in November.


  • Associate Deans check with Chairs and Directors to make sure Salary Committee is formed.
  • Significance: Units may not complete merit in time if a Salary Committee is not formed.


  • Arts and Sciences Budget creates Dean's List. This list is comprehensive.


  • Associate Deans communicate to Chairs and Directors Narrative, Due Date in February.
  • Arts and Sciences Personnel sends reminder email to Chairs and Directors with Narrative Due Date.
  • Salary Committee's meet and touch base.


  • February 1: FRPA Due.
  • February 7: Chairs and Directors Narratives due to Arts and Sciences Personnel.


  • March 30: Faculty, Chairs or Directors and Research Faculty Evaluations due from units to Arts and Sciences Personnel.