The Boulder Campus Faculty Absence Policy can be found on the Office of Faculty Affairs website. Additional information on faculty leave can also be found on the Office of Faculty Affairs website.

The Boulder campus policy on faculty responsibility for arranging leaves from the campus is derived from the College of Arts and Sciences policy dated February 1997. This policy applies to all faculty, including those who do not have formal teaching assignments in the semester in which the absence is to take place. This policy does not cover those on leave without pay, faculty fellowships, or sabbatical leave. The College endorses the BFA Statement dated April 1980 with regard to faculty absences and considers it to be part of this policy. That statement, in part says:

"It is expected that faculty members will not be absence from classes except in case of illness, personal emergency, religious observation, or when the absence is desirable for the faculty member to meet his or her professional responsibilities."

  • If a faculty member is absent from the campus because of travel for five contiguous working days, or fewer, in a semester, they do not need permission from the Chair or the Dean but are, nevertheless, responsible for assuring that all classes are covered and that other assignments (such as committee meetings and undergraduate advising duties) are also covered.
  • If a faculty member is to be absent from campus because of travel for more than five contiguous working days, but not more than 10 working days overall in a semester, they must inform the Chair in writing of the proposed absence and must obtain written permission both for the absence and for the arrangements made to cover classes, advising, etc. The Chair will advise the Associate Dean of their decision.
  • For proposed absences of more than a total of 10 working days overall in a semester because of travel, the Chair and, subsequently, the Associate Dean should be informed in writing both of the reason for the absence and of the proposed arrangements to cover teaching, advising, and other responsibilities. Both the Chair and the Associate Dean must approve such absences in writing in advance.
  • If a faculty member is to be absent from campus during final examination period, the written approval of both the Chair and the Associate Dean is required.
  • Submission of requests for faculty absence from campus should be made no later than one week prior to the intended departure.

Below, please find detailed explainations of the different types of leave: