Information pertaining to the promotion of instructor to senior instructor can be found at this document: Academic Affairs Guidelines for the Appointment, Evaluation, and Promotion of Lecturer and Instructor Rank Faculty, and as follows:

"Instructors will normally be considered for promotion to the rank of Senior Instructor after a period of seven years of continuous appointment at the rank of Instructor at greater than 50% time. Up to three years' credit towards promotion, based on previous academic service, may be awarded at the time of initial appointment. Promotion after seven years is not mandatory, nor is it a right. Units will establish the criteria for promotion to Senior Instructor. The review for promotion should include a rigorous accounting of the candidate’s teaching record, using multiple measures, an evaluation of the individual’s service, and a demonstration of the individual’s continued currency in the field. Instructors promoted to Senior Instructor continue to be considered "at-will" employees as defined by Colorado Statute and University policy.

Documentation is the same as that required for reappointment as outlined in the College of Arts and Sciences_Non-Tenure Track Reappointment Checklist. All senior instructors are expected to have and maintain records of teaching and service that go above and beyond the levels expected for instructors. Justification for promotion based upon the standards must be included.

To achieve promotion and to continue as a senior instructor in good standing, faculty must "exhibit evidence of teaching expertise of value beyond the primary unit" and perform "service that extends beyond the primary unit".