The College of Arts and Sciences rests on the mutually supportive relationships between the faculty's professional competence and its academic freedom, and the academic mission of the University. These relationships are also the source of the professional responsibilities of faculty members.

Academic departments in the College of Arts and Sciences are expected to have a grievance process articulated in departmental bylaws to include the makeup of the departmental grievance committee. Model grievance procedures for departments can be found on the Office of Faculty Affairs website. Attempts should be made to resolve a grievance at the earliest stage in the grievance process. Therefore, it is through the departmental grievance committee that all faculty grievances are to be initially. The department grievance committee can make a recommendation that the grievance be determined or reviewed at a higher administrative level within the organization.

Non Salary Grievance

The Professional Rights and Duties of Faculty Members describes the professional standards faculty members are expected to maintain and provides a mechanism for addressing allegations that a faculty member has failed to meet those standards.

Information pertaining to the campus policy can be found on the Faculty Relations website.

Salary Grievance

The Arts and Science Council convenes a grievance subcommittee. This committee makes recommendations to the College of Arts and Sciences Dean about career salary grievances and non-salary grievance related to salary such as those stemming from annual merit evaluations.  

Information pertaining to the Arts and Sciences Grievance Committee can be found on their website.

Provost’s Grievance Procedure

The Provost’s Grievance Procedure may be used only in special circumstances. Information pertaining to the Provost's Grievance Procedure is available on the Office of Faculty Affairs website.

Faculty Senate Grievance Process

This policy is enacted under the authority provided by Article 5.C.3 of the Laws of the Regents.