Published: Oct. 31, 2017

Faculty sometimes receive prestigious national external grants and fellowships for pursuing research which nevertheless fall short of paying them a full nine months salary. For example, the NEH fellowship is $40,000 but a condition of accepting the fellowship is that the faculty member pursue full-time research for one academic year. In the case of a junior faculty member on a nine month salary of $56,000, to accept this prestigious fellowship involves a cut in salary of $16,000 along with benefits equivalent to $5,600. If the fellowship is accepted in conjunction with a half-year full-pay sabbatical, then all will be well.

The university will pay one semester ($28,000) and the faculty member can take the other semester off on LWOP and be no worse off. However if it is a senior faculty member on $120,000 salary, the problem resurfaces. Taking one semester sabbatical at $60,000, and then one semester’s LWOP at $40,000, is rewarded with a $20,000 cut in salary and a loss of retirement benefits of $6,000. Being recognized by a highly competitive and prestigious fellowship is rewarded with a pay cut. In these circumstances the College will endeavor to hold the faculty member harmless financially if they take up the award provided these conditions are met:

  1. The fellowship must be on the list of eligible fellowships recognized by the College. If a fellowship is not on the list but a department thinks it ought to be, then the Department can submit an application for the fellowship to be listed. The application must include evidence that the fellowship is prestigious and nationally highly competitive, comparable with other fellowships already on the list. The Dean will make the final decision about whether to add the fellowship to the list.
  2. The fellowship must pay at least 60% of the faculty member’s salary during the period of subvention. That is to say, the fellowship must be sufficient to buy out the teaching and service components of the faculty member’s workload. If the fellowship pays more than 60%, the College will not recompense the faculty member above their normal nine-month salary and benefits package.
  3. If possible, the fellowship will be run through OCG. If that is not possible (some fellowships pay the recipient directly) then the faculty member will take a pay reduction from their university salary equivalent to the amount paid by the fellowship. The Budget Office will ensure that the fellowship payment, plus university salary and benefits, will be equivalent to their normal nine-month salary and benefit package.
  4. Housing and living allowances paid for by the fellowship will count as normal salary for the purposes of the subvention calculation. Research and travel allowances may be exempted provided the fellowship still covers 60% of salary.
  5. The faculty member will supply the Dean’s office with a copy of the terms of the award.

The following fellowships have been approved for subvention:

  •  ACLS
  • Alexander von Humboldt
  • The Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University Postdoctoral Associates Program
  • Fulbright
  • The Getty Research Institute Scholars Program
  • Guggenheim
  • Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies Research Fellowship
  • Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Loeb Classical Library Foundation
  • National Humanities Center
  • NEA
  • NEH
  • New York Public Library (NYPL)
  • Rome Prize
  • Stanford Humanities Center

If you have questions regarding approval of another fellowship, please contact your associate dean.