Published: Aug. 16, 2017

The awarding of a Dean’s Summer Grant (DSG), which is usually equivalent to the salary received by an assistant professor for teaching a 3-credit hour course during the summer term, is often included as part of an incoming tenure-track faculty member’s offer letter.  Effective with new hires beginning in August 2020, the DSG budget and payment will be allocated to and managed through the new faculty member’s startup speedtype.

For faculty starting in August 2020, DSG funds will be transferred to the faculty members fund 72 startup speedtype. The funds may be used for summer salary support or other startup expenses.

For faculty hired prior to August 2020, the department will need to notify the Budget Office and request DSG budget allocated to the faculty’s startup account.  The Budget Office will review the request to ensure the DSG has not been allocated and paid out prior.  Upon successful review, the Budget Office will allocate the DSG budget to the faculty’s startup fund 72 speedtype.

For faculty hired before August 2020, in order to receive the funds as summer salary, the faculty member must email a request to their Department’s Human Resource Service Center representative. Salary will be paid out from July 1 through the end of the summer term (typically the second or third week in August) unless other payment arrangements are requested. The Human Resource Service Center representative will check to ensure the grant dollar amount falls within the 3/9ths Rule. (A faculty member may not earn more than three months of their academic salary during the summer months.)