PhD Consortium of Literatures and Cultures

The Consortium of PhD Programs in the Literatures and Cultures is an innovative effort to maximize the benefits of intellectual and administrative collaboration while granting participating programs autonomy in their pursuit of excellence. We can offer graduate students funding and mentoring that allows them to complete their degree in five years without sacrificing intellectual depth and methodological diversity. Though students follow the curriculum of their home departments, they have full access to faculty in other departments, and will participate in joint workshops, speaker events, and digital humanities training. Summer stipends and internships will ensure that students’ focus remains on their research projects and on their development as future teachers. As the Consortium grows, we envisage further collaborations, including joint placement guidance, language training, seminars, and the development of extra-academic job prospects. CU Boulder’s stunning campus will provide the fitting background for this intellectual journey.


  • 5 years of guaranteed support
  • 1st and 5th year free of teaching
  • Summer financial support
  • Digital humanities training
  • Cross-departmental mentoring
  • Speaker events, workshops, seminars
  • Professionalization guidance

Participating departments:

2017-18 Consortium:

Tarren Andrews

Tarren Andrews, Department of English
Research interests: Medieval Literature (particularly British and French), Indigenous Studies, Digital Humanities, Psychoanalysis.


Monserrat Asecio

Monserrat Asecio Gomez, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Research interests: 20-21st Latin American and Peninsular Narrative, Post Modernism, Critical Theory, Gender Studies, Mass Media in Literature, Detective Narrative.

Amanda Hurtado

Amanda Hurtado, Department of English
Research interests: Modern, contemporary, and avant garde poetry. Poetics. Affect theory. History of the book. Inscriptive technologies and the body.

Ismael Ichola, Department of French and Italian

Alyssa Miller

Alyssa Miller, Department of English
Research interests: Renaissance Dramatic Literature, Feminist and Queer Theory, Performance Theory, Contemporary Dramatic Literature, Textual Epistemology, and 20th Century Feminist Literature.

Elisa Riga, Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

Melodie Roschman

Melodie Roschman, Department of English
Research interests: Women and modernism, Virginia Woolf, women and queer people's religious experiences, popular culture, memoir, fantasy literature, young adult literature.

Kun You

Kun You, Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations
Research interests: History of intellectual thoughts, focusing on early and late imperial China; Chinese paleography.