In addition to its focus on advising, the Academic Advising Center in Woodbury Hall serves as the Administrative Center for undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences.  The Assistant Dean of the College oversees academic policies and procedures for undergraduates, including:

  • academic standing (e.g., alert, probation, suspension and reinstatement)
  • registration and enrollment changes, after published deadlines (e.g., credit overloads, late drops from an individual course and retroactive adds into an individual course)*
  • grading status changes, after published deadlines for students (e.g., pass/fail-to-graded and no-credit-to-credit)*
  • academic certification and graduation (e.g., letters of completion and retroactive graduation)
  • intra-university transfers to and from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences

Many of the above-mentioned processes may require the student to submit a petition and documentation. Petitions are individually reviewed by committee; not automatically approved.

Please note that the Primary College or School of the University in which the student is enrolled makes decisions on enrollment requests, such as dropping courses, even if the course the student is taking is offered by one of the other Colleges or Schools (e.g., Business, Engineering, Environmental Design, Journalism or Music). 

*Academic dates and deadlines are published for each academic term by the Office of the Registrar.