Nazli Nomanbhoy
Physics; Astronomy Advisor

Office Location: Porter B118, UCB 347

she, her, hers

I graduated from the University of Michigan with my doctorate in geology specializing in seismology. The world of earthquakes is a fascinating one, a study of the inner workings of our planet by “listening” to it. Seismic waves (p-waves in particular), are just acoustic waves traveling through the earth allowing seismologists to create maps of the earth’s interior not unlike the early cartographers who created maps of the earth’s landforms and oceans.

I’ve worn many hats in education - instructional technologist and web applications developer, faculty and instructor, and academic coach and advisor with a focus on test prep, math and physics. I am a bona fide math and science geek!

I am excited to be here at the University of Colorado Boulder. My passion has always been my students, supporting them with reaching their goals with warmth, compassion, and a gentle sense of humor.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring the great Colorado outdoors. I am also an avid photographer. You may just bump into me around campus with my camera in hand exploring light, shadow and the subtle, ordinary beauty that exists all around us.