Ken Bonetti
Economics Advisor

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Ken Bonetti, is a native Coloradan, with an MS in economics from Colorado State University. He taught economics for 17 years and is now a full time advisor in the Department of Economics at CU Boulder where he pursues his passion to help students maximize their academic potentials and find their niches in the larger world. Ken is also a longtime community activist who has worked for over 30 years on peace and justice, environmental, economic and local governance issues. His wide-ranging background in higher education, thirteen years as an open option advisor and many years of community service affords him a broad understanding of the range of opportunities available to every student. If you are at a loss, not knowing what to do with your life, Ken can help you find the space to explore and grow. Ken’s other passions are wilderness hiking and camping, backcountry skiing, running, commuter biking, history, politics, fiction, and ethnic cuisine.  

Office location: Econ 208B, UCB 256